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Sarajevo - Center

Capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I remember this city when I lived in former Yugoslavia, before the war. My born city. Was a unique city! There was no other similar to it! A city of mixed civilizations, cultures, religions! There was a Bazar called "Bash Carshija" then there were Vjecnica, Hotel "Europa", Kikic, Sloga, People Theatre, Kamera Theatre, Theatre for the Young people, The Academy, the best "burek" and "cevapi" in the piece of loaf, Nurija Palace, Sirano, Morica Han, Skenderija, Sarajevo socer team, Zeljo the best players (it was my favorite team), the band "Bijelo Dugme", singer Kemal Monteno, Davorin Popovic, painters, artists, writers, film producers (Emir Kusturica), theatre people, sportsmens, rockers, the drunks and the sobers, cammarades and Friends. I remember Sarajevo only by the beautiful things. I wonder what is left there ?
I left Sarajevo because of war. I'm too far now...


My nick name - Bilja

I live in Ontario,Canada. But, I'll never forget my city.
My memories are still there...

My Profession

I graduated law in University of Sarajevo. In Bosnia I was lawyer. I am web developer now.

My Hobbies

I like swimming,skating,riding a bike and making web pages
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