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Maker++ 3.0 Excellent utility for creating HTML Style Sheets. 1.8mb
Gif Animator create and play animated GIFs provjeri
Clip Quik 2.07 Clipboard storage system 1.3mb
Hideseek Anonymus Mailer 640kb
Internet Anywhere


Set of 18 unix style internet utilities 1.2mb
Lorenz Graf's HTMLtool v2.5 Tool for creating html files 1.9mb
clockex.exe customize and enhance the clock that is built into the Windows Taskbar. provjeri
flash FXP <Bild>FTP utility that lets you transfer files between two remote sites. ,Free. 740kb
CompuPic4.0 Fast and versatile image viewer, browser and multimedia file manager 1.3mb
Download assistant Download Tool 600kb
Magicbar20 Application Desktop Toolbar features automatic add of the applications you run 400kb
Private exe 2.0a Protects your Win .exe files 152kb
Tweakezy 1.52 easy-to-use system time correction program 183kb
TWinexplorer99 1.3 Double Windows Explorer in one single window. 675kb
EmailNotrify v3.78 an e-mail notification utility that can check multiple Hotmail accounts. 1.9mb
Dvmpeg4.32 Mpeg I and Mpeg II encoder 2.2mb
Qtalkv0.9 Voice add-on for ICQ! 817kb
Exeprotektor 1.37a Add Password Protection to exe files so only you can use them 1.5mb
PicPluck 1.0 It completely automates your website picture downloads! 467kb
ThemeBuilder 2.01 Build your own theme 1.3mb
Vueprintproo32v7.0 print and convert graphics files and play sound and movie files 642kb
Acdsee32 2.4 Best Image Viewer around, all types supported. 1.8mb
Customizer98 Tweak windows hidden settings 2.1mb
CuteFtp 2.8 CuteFTP is an easy-to-use graphical FTP client. Can Also resume broken downloads. 869kb
Powertweak 1.03 Configure your hardware components to work at their highest capabilities. 981kb
Winamp 2.09 The Best MP3 Player, latest one 521kb
WinGO 1.6 Icon in System Tray that contains shortcuts to commonly used folders. 289kb
GetRight 3.31 Downloading and scheduling program that recovers from errors while downloading files. 1.17mb
WinDac 1.46 Cd Music Ripper 328kb
BackStreet 1.3 Download entire webpage with html, java etc. to browse later 1.3mb
BlazeMarks 2.0 Bookmark manager 3.9mb
Jet-Audio4.02 Enjoy Internet radio, audio CDs, digital audio, MIDI files, video files, and more. 5.5mb
Xara 3D 3.02 Create easily 3D animated text and headings for your Web pages. 896kb
Copernic Plus98 Searches all engines and you'll get great results quickly and easily! 2.3mb
N-TrackStudio 1.0 Audio & Midi multitrack recorder for windows 1.5mb
Waterfallpro 2.1 powerful utility which protects your PC and cools down your processor 1.2mb
JavaNavigator4.0 Add a Java-based, Explorer-style navigation menu to your Web site. 1.5mb
Gozilla 3.3 Go!Zilla allows you to reliably download files at any time of the day. 1.28mb
Goldwave 4.02 GoldWave (32-bit) is a full-featured digital audio editor. 637kb
GifMovieGear2.62 Tool for building GIF animations. 645kb
FTPEdit 2.20 Edit files without removing them from ftp server 1.2mb
ClickUnzip 2.0 An unzipper for those who think Winzip is a little to complex! 1.6mb
TurboZipExspres Fast, ZIP file utility supports dozens of different file types and also manages CAB archives. 1.0mb
EudoraPro 4.1 One of the most powerful e-mail applications on the Net. 5.1mb
RealPlayerG2 Plays RealAudio, streaming RealVideo, and RealFlash animations from the Web 2.64mb


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